NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Don’t feel guilty about getting dessert. A recent report from DrugGenius surveyed over 3,000 people to find each state’s, as well as New Yorkers’, favorite dessert, or what their “gateway food” is.

Their study from September revealed that Hawaii residents are the most susceptible to dessert. Sitting at 71%, an overwhelming majority of Hawaiian residents say they are most likely to enjoy shaved iced as a dessert, compared to an astonishing 0% of North Dakotan residents, who are least likely to succumb to ordering dessert, if at all. New York residents sit at 23%, saying they are most susceptible to cheesecake when wanting to indulge.

Their report finds that 1 in 4 New Yorkers admit sweet treats trigger prolonged spells of unhealthy eating. According to studies, sugar can act like a drug when it comes to addiction, which makes it easy to see why some may fold when it comes to ordering dessert.

“It’s no wonder many can’t resist the sweet taste of our favorite dessert,” says Stacie Detmer of “But we need to learn how to try. It’s a slippery slope from eating just one candy bar a week to having one every day, and it’s been proven that sugary foods can contribute to obesity. Counterbalancing sugar in our diet with exercise and an otherwise healthy, sensible eating regimen is at least a start.”