ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In the race to vaccinate, New Yorkers 30 and up are now eligible to sign up for their COVID vaccine. And the list will expand even more next Tuesday, when those 16 become eligible.

That beats Pres. Joe Biden’s deadline for total eligibility by a little less than a month. And one local state lawmaker who’s also a pharmacist says this will also help get the word out.

“A lot of individuals are very wise with technology,” said Assemblyman John McDonald who represents New York’s 108th Assembly District. “My understanding is we are working with the state to actually bring all the pharmacies into the state scheduler. So that’s going to help add the technology component, which has been missing in the process.”

The expansion comes as counties see an increase in the number of doses coming in. In Albany County—which McDonald represents—they’ll have an additional supply of 1,300 Moderna and 1,600 Pfizer shots this week. And they expect that to be the case for the next few weeks.

“We went through such a dark phase where, you know, we couldn’t even come close to meeting the demand. And now since the supply has been increasing, just to see our number grow today—I checked, we have over 30% of Montgomery County residents are vaccinated,” said Matt Ossenfort, the executive of another Capital Region county.

Over nine million vaccine doses have been administered statewide, and roughly 15 million New Yorkers will be eligible by next week. Visit the “Am I Eligible” website to book an appointment.

Officials there are urging residents to sign up using their preregistration form and keep an eye out for announcements about the next scheduled pod clinic. Appointments are still hard to come by, so if you’re stuck, the best advice is simply to keep trying.