PURCHASE, N.Y. (NEWS10) —  State University of New York Chancellor Jim Malatras has announced a plan to expand the Education Opportunity Program. This comes after the state awarded an extra $6.4 million for the program.

The program provides access, academic support, and financial assistance to more than 77,000 students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

For decades, the Educational Opportunity Program has helped tens of thousands of students graduate from college and go on to successful careers,” said Malatras.

The plan to expand the program includes:

  • Increasing enrollment in the program by 1,000 students
  • Expanding the program to five more SUNY schools
  • Establishing a $2 million fund to help students with unforeseen financial circumstances
  • Increase financial awards for students
  • Purchase laptops for students in need

SUNY had more than 10,000 students on 50 SUNY campuses in the program with more than 1,200 students awarded degrees in the spring 2021 semester.

More information about the program and its expansion can be found on the SUNY website.