ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to a new study released by NiceRx, a discount prescription drug provider, the state of New York has seen 15,951 medical malpractice reports filed between 2012 and 2022. That number, pollsters said is nearly 4,000 reports higher than second-place California.

All states have very specific deadlines for filing lawsuits, and in New York, a lawsuit for medical malpractice usually must be filed within two years and six months, but some instances extend the standard lawsuit-filing deadline. For example, when a patient could not have reasonably learned that they had a viable medical malpractice case, the deadline might be pushed back.

That litigation can be costly for doctors. In the Empire State, reports filed over the past decade added up to $6,847,680 in remediation.

In nearby Massachusetts, misdiagnosed and poorly treated patients have filed 2,813 lawsuits since 2012. All of them together added up to $1,665,005, paling in comparison to New York’s totals.

Coming second-to-last in the NiceRx study was Vermont. Patients there have accused doctors of medical malpractice 141 times in the past decade, only beating out North Dakota, where 100 reports were filed.

States that filed the most medical malpractice reports:

(Data provided by NiceRx)