ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) — The state budget is now several days late, but Assemblyman Pat Burke—a representative from Orchard Park who serves as the Secretary of the Assembly’s Democratic Conference—thinks it will be completed either Wednesday or Thursday. When that happens, he believes state money for a new Buffalo Bills stadium will be included.

“I think it’s a done deal,” Burke said Tuesday. “Unless something crazy happens.”

Last week, the Bills, New York, and Erie County announced a three-way agreement to fund a $1.4 billion stadium in Orchard Park. Gov. Kathy Hochul agreed that the state would kick in $600 million toward construction, while the County would contribute $250 million.

The combined $850 million in public funding for the stadium represents the largest public subsidy for an NFL stadium. The public funding is expected to require approval from the State and County’s respective legislative bodies.

Some lawmakers are vocally opposed to the deal. “(A)s a former athlete who deeply appreciates sports, I can confidently say it’s still not worth making horrible decisions with public money,” tweeted Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Queens Democrat, Tuesday morning.

But Burke said that most Assemblymembers now see the money as a regional issue. He specifically referenced a $1.3 billion appropriation in last year’s budget to go toward developing the Empire Station Complex at Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan.

“If you have things going on in New York City or some other part of the state, don’t come to Buffalo and tell us what to do,” he said. “Don’t be condescending either. Don’t kind of dismiss us as this sort of, ‘Oh football, it’s not that important.’ So that was part of the conversation and now this is being seen by most members as just a regional issue.”

“There’s some parts of this deal that I really don’t like,” Burke admitted. “I don’t think anyone likes giving public money to billionaires. It’s not something any of us should be happy about. But keeping the Bills in Buffalo is very important to all of us. It’s central to our community. I think a deal is done there.”

On Monday, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said the stadium issue should be viewed in the context of the entire budget, which is expected to come in at well over $200 billion. “There are members in the conference who support it,” Heastie said. “Particularly those members who represent Upstate and Western New York. But it’s hard to say what’s going to happen with one item when I’m in the middle of talking about the entire context of all of the spending items that members of the Legislature want to see as well.”