The New York Attorney General’s Office provided details on how consumers can get refunds and no charge premium services from Spectrum to qualified consumers.

Spectrum has started to issue credits to NYers as required by a $62.5M settlement agreement in 2018 over their failure to give the reliable & fast internet service they promised. Credits will automatically appear on your bill.

Approximately 2.2 million Spectrum customers will receive the following offers:

  • Current subscribers who subscribe to both internet and cable television from Spectrum will have a choice of either three (3) months of HBO OR six (6) months of Showtime. (Note: This benefit is available to subscribers who do not already subscribe to both of the offered services through Spectrum.)
  • Internet only subscribers will get one (1) month of Spectrum TV Choice streaming service—in which subscribers can (depending on their location) access broadcast television and a choice of 10 pay TV networks—as well as access to Showtime for one (1) month.

Consumers have until May 30, 2019 to select the no extra charge premium services they want. You must reach out to Spectrum if you want these premium video services by calling Spectrum at 1-833-422-8795 for further information.

The New York Attorney General’s Office is encouraging affected consumers to let them know about their experience redeeming the refund from Spectrum.