WASHINGTON (NEWS10) — The Supreme Court of the United States took action against New York State on the Concealed Carry Improvement Act. The act went into law in September, and it required several new steps in buying a gun in the state.

Changes include background checks being done by the New York State Police for both the purchase of a gun and ammunition. Those who opposed the new law said it is unconstitutional.

Tuesday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called for a full Supreme Court conference on October 6. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul reacted to the ruling.

“They are dead set on placating their NRA donors, supporters, and we are the ones left to clean it up,” she said. “We are working really hard to ensure that New Yorkers are safe.”

The governor also said that if the law is repealed, then New Yorkers will feel less safe in their homes and communities.