NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Have you ever lied on a job resume? Doing so can result in pretty severe consequences, from either losing your chance at a prospective job opportunity, to potentially being asked to leave if found out after the fact. iProspectcheck, an employment background check and screening company ran the numbers. According to their study, surveying 3,351 anonymous job seekers, they’ve found that the average New York candidate admitted their resume is only 72% accurate.

According to their findings, New York job seekers’ resumes line up with the national accuracy rate of 72% as well. That means 28% of the information given to employers is completely fabricated, made up, or inaccurate when talking about their qualifications or skill set.

The study shows job seekers in Hawaii were the least truthful when it came to information on their resumes, showing a 35% accuracy rate. On the other side of the coin, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont had the highest resume accuracy at 90%.

When it comes to what it is people are lying about on their resumes, 25% said it would be their previous job titles, 15% said it would be their level of experience and another 15% said their education and qualification would likely be dressed up. A majority 53% of those surveyed agreed that lying on a resume should be considered illegal, due to the ramifications of employment.

When it comes to lying about colleges a candidate “attended,” 28% said they’d cite Harvard, 18% said Stanford and MIT, 15% said Yale and Princeton, and 3% said the University of Pennsylvania.