ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new report by shows that women make 12% less money than men in New York. For each dollar a man earns, women earn 89 cents.

Compared to every other state, New York ranks third for the smallest gender pay gap. With women getting paid 12% less, that means women essentially stop getting paid for the year on November 22, said the report.

In New York, women earn an average salary of $56,200 while men earn an average of $63,588. The report also said that men will earn an average of $7,388 more than women in 2022.

In Vermont, women earn 10.4% less than men, with an average salary of $49,460 compared to a man’s $55,205. This is the second smallest wage gap in the U.S. In Massachusetts, women make 19.8% less than men, with an average salary of $60,827, compared to a man’s $75,832.

In the United States:

  • The states with the worst wage gaps range from 21.8% to 34.6%
  • The largest wage gap is in Wyoming, with women earning 34.6% less than men
  • Washington DC has the smallest wage gap, with women earning 8% less than men
  • Since 2010, the wage gap has remained stagnant between 18% and 19% between the salaries of men and women in similar positions
  • No state pays women more than men

Occupations where women make more than men

  • Compliance officers, 7% more than men
  • Graphic designers, 6% more than men
  • Pharmacists, 45 more than men
  • Clinical laboratory tenchnologist and technicians, 4% more than men
  • Insurance claims and policy processing clerks, 2% more than men

Occupations with the largest pay gaps

  • Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents, 44% less than men
  • Legal occupations, 40% less than men
  • Medical scientists, 40% less than men
  • Personal financial advisors, 35% less than men
  • Engineering technologists and technicians, 34% less than men

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