ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York is among the most moved from states, according to a new report from The report highlights various moving trends among people in the U.S.

Out of all 50 states, New York ranked third among states people moved away from. It was ranked ninth in top states people moved to.

Top states people moved toTop states people moved from
1. Florida1. California
2. Texas2. Texas
3. California3. New York
4. North Carolina4. Illinois
5. Colorado5. Florida
6. Arizona6. Washington
7. Georgia7. Colorado
8. Washington8. New Jersey
9. New York9. Pennsylvania
10. South Carolina10. Oregon

The report surveyed 1,000 people who moved in 2021. The report found that 20% of Americans moved this year.

Of those surveyed, 43% moved within the same city, 35% moved within the same state, 20% moved to a different state and 2% moved to a different country. About 75% moved less than 1,000 miles away from their old homes.

Americans primary reasons for moving included family, career, economic and lifestyle preferences. Movers secondary reasons are more a little more specific:

  • 39% cited political reasons
  • 37% cited lower taxes
  • 38% cited climate change
  • 45% cited lower living costs
  • 43% cited better culture
  • 32% cited better weather

Other findings from the report included:

  • 63% of respondents said if the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus worsens, they will consider a move in 2022
  • 62% of respondents experienced shortages using moving trucks and professional moving services during their move
  • 63% of respondents said their move was unexpected
  • 73% of respondents remodeled their home this year
  • 31% of respondents bought a home
  • 80% of respondents said they used professional moving services