ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new report by Quotewizard shows that poor road infrastructure is costing Americans money in taxes and fees for road repairs, as well as vehicle repairs. In New York, aging roads and bridges are costing drivers around $509 per year for road repairs.

With President Joe Biden signing the infrastructure deal into law, $1 trillion dollars is going to invest in infrastructure in the United States. The report found that 20% of roads and 6% of bridges in the U.S. are in unacceptable condition.

On average, deteriorating roads are costing drivers $556 a year in vehicle repairs. In some states, it’s nearly $1,000. The report found Rhode Island, Mississippi and West Virginia to have the worst roads and bridges.

In New York:

  • Ranked 19th in poor road infrastructure
  • Ranked 10th in overall road quality (1 being the worst)
  • 27% of roads were found to be non-acceptable
  • 10% have poor bridge decks

The report also found states that use funds to maintain roads also rank well in overall road infrastructure. However, states with poor road infrastructure had higher costs per driver and worse road conditions.

Quotewizard used the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the Federal Highway Administration to conduct their report. To see the full report, you can visit the Quotewizard website.