ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new state law proposal would require SUNY schools across the state to provide access to medication for abortion at all on-campus student health centers.

SUNY health centers already offer women gynecological exams, birth control and pregnancy counseling, but abortion pills would be new.

The move has support from the president of Planned Parenthood Empire Acts, but the proposal is not sitting well with anti-abortion agency CompassCare.

“You’re not providing actual patient care in a student health environment with a doctor-patient relationship ongoing,” CompassCare CEO Jim Harden said. “There’s follow up that’s required, there’s monitoring that’s required, and all of this is extracted from the woman’s experience on campus. It’s dangerous for her.”

California is the only state in the United States to require public universities to offer abortion pills at their health centers. The current New York State bill was introduced in the state assembly last week.