NEW YORK (NEWS10) – The New York State Attorney General’s Office (OAG) has filed a court motion for a preliminary injunction against six national gun distributors who allegedly sold and shipped illegal ghost gun parts into New York. OAG is asking the court to order these businesses to immediately stop supplying unfinished frames or receivers to any person or entity with a New York address.

OAG said during an investigation those gun distributors sold and shipped unfinished frames and receivers to undercover investigators in New York. According to OAG, an investigation found that these businesses sent thousands of similar unfinished frames and receivers to individuals in New York, some of which later committed violent crimes.

The motion filed by OAG affirms that these businesses sell these dangerous products with the intention that their customers will convert them into working firearms. Further stating that these businesses take steps to assist them in doing so.

According to OAG, Rainier Arms’ web page markets an AR-15-compatible receiver and links to a PDF of milling instructions, while Brownells offers step-by-step video instructions on finishing a Glock-compatible pistol frame, and a telephone support line where customers can ask for assistance. 

Officials said these national gun distributors also sell their products inside a “jig,” a plastic structure for the product that guides the user’s tools through the simple steps required to finish the frame. A process designed, they said, to be a workaround to avoid federal gun serialization, recordkeeping, and background check requirements.

Just last month, OAG filed a landmark lawsuit against multiple gun distributors for fueling the gun violence crisis and endangering New Yorkers. The nation-leading lawsuit alleges that these businesses violated several laws, including New York’s licensing laws, by selling weapons to felons and others without a background check. 

Check out the motion filed here: