ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York State Cannabis Control Board approves regulations for adult-use cannabis packaging, labeling, marketing, advertising, and laboratory testing. The Board also approves an additional 16 Adult-use Conditional Cultivator Licenses, raising the number of New York farms approved to grow adult-use cannabis to 162.

The regulations are designed to help protect public health and reduce waste, according to the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). They include requirements for child-resistant packaging and labeling that identifies products as containing cannabis with THC, limiting marketing to adult-only audiences, and the rules for establishing testing procedures to ensure products are safe for consumption. They were proposed to the Board by the OCM on Tuesday.

The Board also approved 16 Adult-use Cannabis Conditional Cultivator Licenses, increasing the total approved to 162. The awarding of the licenses demonstrates the advancement of the Seeding Opportunity Initiative, which is the first-in-the-nation initiative that positions New York farmers and individuals with prior cannabis-related offenses to comprise an early adult-use cannabis supply chain.

The now 162 approved licenses are from a pool of more than 200 applications submitted to the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) following the March 15 opening of the online application process. The OCM will continue to review applications on a rolling basis.