ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State has announced that it supports the CDC’s recommendation for the COVID-19 booster shot.

If you received your first two doses of the Pfizer vaccine six months ago, Governor Kathy Hochul said you shouldn’t put off getting a COVID-19 booster shot since it will help provide additional protection against the virus.

“We’re not necessarily seeing people becoming acutely ill and dying, but we are seeing a lot more hospitalizations,” explained Dr. Jim Saperstone, a local pediatrician. “So that tells us that in addition to people who are not being vaccinated, some of it is wearing off.”

 New Yorkers who received the Pfizer vaccine should receive their booster dose if:

  • They are 65 years and older or residents in long-term care settings
  • If they are between the ages of 50 – 64 with underlying medical conditions. 

Additionally, New Yorkers who received the vaccine may get their COVID-19 booster dose if:

  • They are in the 18-49 age group with underlying medical conditions
  • Those between the ages of 18 – 64 years old and have a high risk of COVID-19 exposure because of where they work.

As of right now, booster shots are only available for the Pfizer vaccine.

“The booster shot is very essential,” said Dr. Nosa Lebarty, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Central Med Urgent Care.

Appointments are now available at all New York State mass vaccination sites.

“I suspect within a couple of weeks, we will see Moderna on board, too, with that,” explained Saperstone.

Besides getting a COVID-19 booster vaccine, state and local health care providers recommend getting the flu shot as well.