ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With the holiday season basically in full swing, the question of what to get your significant other is surely on the mind. What better way to celebrate a loved one than to take them on a romantic getaway.

A recent study by Travel Lens revealed the most romantic cities in the world and the US by looking at the number of fine dining restaurants, romantic hotels, couples activities and searches for date ideas. Topping the list with the highest romantic city score of 9.19 out of 10 is of course New York City. The study showed that the city that never sleeps has 63.41 fine dining restaurants per 100 miles squared, 93.65 couples activities per 100 miles squared, 15.82 romantic hotel per miles squared and annually there are 26,300 searches for date ideas in the city. Although NYC ranks the most romantic, Miami, Florida has the most romantic hotels with 100 miles squared at 43.33 and an overall romantic city score of 9.13. Also in the top three is Washington with a 6.53 overall romantic city score and 20.90 romantic hotels per 100 miles squared.

Going down the list by overall romantic city score we have Minneapolis, Portland, Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, Boston and Honolulu to round out the top ten. Check out the rest of the report by Travel Lens to see where you and your partner could be going next!