NEW YORK (PIX11) — She’s a 4-foot tall bronze figure standing tall outside the New York Stock Exchange. The mission of “Fearless Girl” is to represent gender diversity in corporate leadership, but she needs permission to stay in place.

The statue was initially installed in front of the statue known as “Charging Bull” in March 2017 along Broadway in Lower Manhattan. In 2018, the statue was moved to face the stock exchange. The previous one-year permits were temporary, and the most recent one expired on November 29.

State Street Global Advisors, an asset management corporation, has filed for another permit with New York City. On Tuesday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will review the application to keep the statue in place for three years. Approval depends on how the statue fits into the street configuration.

Early next year, the Public Design Commission will have a hearing. That body looks at artistic and design content and has jurisdiction over permanent structures, landscape architecture, and art on city-owned property. The mission is to advocate for “innovative, sustainable, and equitable design.”

Kristin Visbal is the sculptor behind “Fearless Girl” and sees a message of gender equality. “It’s the Wonder Woman pose, the Superman pose. It’s strength and a fist, but there’s no anger. There’s an assertion” she said. “If we remove it what does it say?”

A representative with State Street Global Advisors said they do not believe any enforcement action will be taken until the matter is resolved and they’re working “diligently” with the city.