CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A New York woman is setting out to raise awareness for narcissistic domestic abuse by running a 285 mile journey across the state. Vanessa Reiser plans to do it the entire way in her wedding dress.

Her story is gaining national attention, as millions cheer her on while she gives updates on her journey. She started Monday, May 17 in Oswego and is on her way now to Washington Heights, Manhattan.

On Tuesday, she stopped through Cazenovia where she told Newschannel 9 that the reason for her run was to raise awareness for narcissistic domestic abuse. As a licensed clinical social worker and domestic abuse survivor, Reiser is lacing up to make people understand this type of abuse and its impact.

“There’s some ground swelling under the word ‘narcissism’. People are starting to identify that manipulation, gaslighting and some of these behaviors are creating psychological trauma,” Reiser said.

While on her 285 mile journey, she wants to remind every person that they have a voice.

“My spirits are up, I have a great team with me, just thinking about the finish line.”

If you would like to follow Reiser’s journey or to donate to her cause, you can do so on her Facebook Page.