WASHINGTON (NewsNation/WIVB) — New York is almost right on par with the national average price of gas. Across the state, the average price of gas is down five cents since last Monday, at $4.88 per gallon. Depending on the estimate, that’s only between one and three cents above the national average.

Though the national average increased by 25 cents in that same weeklong time period, across upstate New York, average gas prices had fallen by roughly 10 cents as of Monday. The New York and U.S. averages were not far off from each other at this time last year, either, at $3.09, and $3.05, respectively.

According to GasBuddy, the national average for gas prices is about $1.81 more than a year ago, and national diesel prices now stand at $5.62. Americans are seeing new record highs at gas stations across the country as Pres. Joe Biden tries to control his biggest domestic issue: inflation.

The national average is double the price of gas when Biden took office in January 2021, when a gallon of regular gas was about $2.38. Currently, the price of regular gas is more than $5 per gallon for residents in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon.

Scrambling to tame inflation, senior administration officials said that the rising prices present a challenging problem. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that Biden wakes up every day and goes to bed every night thinking about how to get a lid on the out-of-control prices in America. Raimondo also said the president is weighing lifting some of the China tariffs that former Pres. Donald Trump imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods during a trade war in 2018 and 2019.

New York averages are actually a little higher than they were this past Thursday, AAA reports. The implementation of gas tax caps, is aimed at only taxing the first two or three dollars of every gallon of gas for consumers at the pump. This coincided with the state’s gas tax holiday, which will last until the end of the year. It will allow drivers to save 16 more cents per gallon.