ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Surrounded by supporters from two healthcare unions, as well as local and state elected officials, Attorney General Letitia James kicked off her re-election campaign in Albany Saturday afternoon.

James touts her work against opioid manufacturers, gun lobbyists, and her investigations into former President Donald Trump and former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as reasons why she should be re-elected.

“I’m running because I recognize there are still challenges in our society and in our state that need to be finished,” James said to supporters, “I’m running because we need to sue, we have sued a number of bad landlords and corporations and we have sued the most powerful individual in this country because we need to hold him accountable because no one is above the law.” 

The attorney general originally was seeking to run for the governorship but dropped out of the race to run for re-election in December. She now remains the sole Democrat running for the office.

Her main Republican challenger is Michael Henry. Henry is a litigation attorney based in Queens and says he is running to end the “one-party rule in Albany” and feels as though the attorney general has used her office for personal purposes.

“I think I differ because I’m not an aspiring governor and two, I’m not looking to weaponize the office,” Henry said to a reporter at the New York GOP Convention in March.

According to Henry’s campaign website, one big issue he is running on is to fight crime in New York State. “New York’s crime crisis is the direct result of Albany politicians putting criminals first. Thanks to bail reform, which has created a revolving door for violent and recidivist criminals, crime rates have risen across the state.”