DEPEW, N.Y. (WIVB) — An elderly dog who has been residing at the Niagara SPCA for the past few weeks is being celebrated across Western New York. Lloyd has since inspired the Make a Dog’s Day program at the shelter, to allow other homeless dogs to go on fun adventures and get adopted.

May be an image of dog and text that says 'LOVE ON LLOYD PAW TY Lö: VE PLEASE? RUBS Wednesday 8/10/22 12-3pm Shannon Connors Fitness Odoban disinfectant Doggie/kitty blankets Purina cat and kitten chow Dog Canned wet food Friskies canned wet food treats! Cat toys Hot dogs string cheese cheez vhiz in can Timothy Hay Oxbow Rabbit Pellets Pelleted cat litter Aspen Small Animal Bedding Stainless Steel Large Dog bowls Bleach Wash clothes Paper Towels Purina Dog Food XLarge Kongs Basket raffle items for upcoming shelter events Bring your donations to SCFit & Meet Lloyd!'
(Courtesy: Sharon Connors Fitness)

The dog has not been claimed, as the SPCA suspects his owner(s) didn’t know to go to the SPCA or couldn’t afford veterinary care. They said he came in as a stray, is currently in end-stage kidney failure, has a large tumor on his back leg. The Western New York community has been coming together to help Lloyd celebrate his final days.

“We can’t bear the thought of euthanizing Lloyd until we know he’s ready,” the group said. “Right now, he’s happy and loves life. Worse yet, we can’t bear the thought of Lloyd spending his final days in a kennel. No dog deserves that, but especially a good, loyal boy like Lloyd.”

At noon on Wednesday, Sharon Connors Fitness hosted a ‘Meet-N-Greet PAW-ty’ for Lloyd. The center asked attendees to bring a small donation for the Niagara SPCA and Lloyd’s friends who reside there. The full list of donations being accepted can be seen below.

“We’d love for Lloyd’s final days to be photographically chronicled,” Sharon Connors’ Facebook post said. “We plan to work on a little project to help more dogs like Lloyd in the future. Lloyd loves people and doesn’t mind dogs. We don’t know how much time Lloyd has left—he could be with us for 3 weeks or 3 months.”

Lloyd has been described as the sweetest and gentlest soul the SPCA has ever met. He has captured the hearts of many across the region, and the party is part of a bucket list Lloyd is completing during his final days. He has already visited the Sunflowers of Sanborn, PetCo, and has been recognized by Niagara County. He also visited the Niagara Fashion Outlets on Wednesday morning.