NEW YORK (WWTI) — Don’t forget! The beaver trapping season has been extended in some parts of New York.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos reminded residents on Thursday of the extended beaver trapping season dates for Central and Western, New York. The DEC previously extended the season after new regulations were enacted in November 2020.

“The extended trapping season will help increase opportunities for trappers while managing a healthy beaver population and reducing human-beaver conflicts,” stated Commissioner Seggos. “New York has a long and strong tradition of furbearer trapping, and those who enjoy and contribute to this tradition are vital partners managing these resources in a sustainable manner.”

The DEC stated that the beaver season date changes are a part of a larger regulation change which affects mink, muskrat and beaver trapping season dates in the State.

These changes were first proposed following 2017 survey of furbearer trappers and hunters about season timing preferences which found that respondents preferred dates that would maximize pelt quality.

Additionally, the DEC claimed that the new season dates will expand trapper opportunities in both Central and Western New York, streamline water trapping and effectively manage the state’s healthy beaver population.

Map: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The DEC new regulations state that Beaver trapping season throughout the entire Southern Zone, with the exception of New York City and Long Island, now run from November 10 through April 7.

Beaver trapping in he Northern Zone remains unchanged.