NEW YORK (NEWS10) — According to the New York Gaming Commission, ticket sales leading up to the January 13 drawing, leading to a record-setting $1.35B Mega Millions jackpot won in Maine, generated over $70.6M combined for New York public schools and lottery retailers. Between October 2022 and January 13, 12 New Yorkers were second-prize winners totaling $12M in winnings, one second-prize Megaplier winner took home $3M, and other lower-tier prize winners took home more than $10.5M total.

“As the numbers show, the New York Lottery provides entertainment for millions of responsible New Yorkers and delivers real money for public schools and small businesses across the state,” said New York State Gaming Commission Chairman Brian O’Dwyer. “The Gaming Commission remains committed to supporting the Lottery’s goal of generating revenue for schools and retailers.”

The New York Gaming Commission reports that Mega Millions ticket sales totaled $172.4M between October 2022 and January 13. All sales profits are constitutionally dedicated to New York K-12 public schools.