NEW YORK (NEWS10) — New York State eviction notices rose 54% this year, as renters are feeling the effects of increased inflation and rising living costs. According to a report from Legal Templates, rising living costs, late rent payments, and increasing eviction rates have been major contributors to the financial landscape of renting and living.

According to the report by the Legal Templates, New York saw a 149% spike in rent increase notices, ranking seventh highest among all states. Rent increase notices were up 84% overall, with the average increase in rent being 14%, the report cites. Rent increase notices were up as high as 875% in Hawaii at the state level, and the lowest being in Wyoming at -75%. Rent increase notices went up for a variety of reasons. With the report surveying over 300 landlords, 46% claimed they did so to keep up with the market, 45% said so to meet financial needs, 37% said so due to inflation, and 31% said they did so because they felt like it. 55% of landlords surveyed made more money, and 8% reported they made less.

Late rent payments were also up 95% in 2022, according to the report, with New York seeing a 61% increase in that department. Rhode Island saw a 692% increase, the highest at the state level, with Alaska seeing a -93% decrease in late rent notices. Alaska was only one of three states that did not see an increase in this area, according to the report.

New York also saw a 54% increase in eviction notices, with Vermont seeing the most at 447% and Michigan seeing a -38% decrease. Michigan was only one of four states to see a decrease in this field, according to the report.