ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to a new study by Bumper, New York is the second best state for owning an electric vehicle (EV). This comes as a new directive by New York Governor Kathy Hochul will require all new passenger cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs sold in the state to be zero emissions by 2035.

Bumper based the rankings on 11 metrics on state electric vehicle infrastructure and financial incentives. The metrics include the number of electric cars and EV charging stations in the state, as well as financial incentives like state tax rebates and the local price of gas versus the cost of EV charging.

The overall scores were found by the average weighted rank across 11 categories. The lower the score, the higher the rank.

Overall rankStateCombined score
2New York15.25
6New Jersey18
10Rhode Island19.60

New York also ranked third best state for electric vehicle financial incentives and seventh best for electric vehicle infrastructure. You can view the full report on the Bumper website.