ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new report by Hiya shows that spam and fraudulent calls continue to be a growing problem not just in the United States but globally. In the U.S., New York is ranked the 5th most targeted state for spam calls in 2021.

The “State of the Call” report says that people in the U.S. received about 80.1 billion total spam and fraud calls in 2021. On average, people receive 18 spam calls per month. People who were scammed lost an average of $567.41.

The U.S. received significantly more spam calls in 2021 than any other country, according to the report. The next highest was France with 12.4 billion.

According to Hiya, the most common phone scams were:

  • Auto warranty scam
  • Social Security
  • Credit card
  • IRS
  • Student loan

A new report by BeenVerified shows that romance scams are also on the rise. The analysis said that romance scam calls and messages have risen significantly since the start of the pandemic, preying on lonely people. Scammers often get money by threatening or deceiving the victim. These scams often involve dating sites and escort services, said the report.

California was found to be the state with the most spam calls in 2021, followed by Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New York. Hiya said 79% of calls from an unidentified number go unanswered, and about 94% of people think unidentified calls might be fraud.

Hiya is a company that helps people identify calls they receive and block unwanted ones. For the “State of the Call” report, Hiya analyzed over 150 billion calls and surveyed 12,000 people.