NEW YORK (NEWS10) — The Education Trust-New York has launched Finding the Perfect Pathway, a new online resource that allows students interested in pursuing a higher education degree or credential to learn more about their postsecondary options. The website includes information about five different postsecondary pathways, offering questions to consider, resources, and guidance on the next steps.

“This year’s seniors have spent their entire high school career learning during a global pandemic,” said Dia Bryant, executive director of The Education Trust–New York. “Their freshman year was interrupted by the sudden shift to remote learning, and ever since then, they have had to navigate shifts from remote to hybrid to in-person instruction. We must work with the greatest urgency to identify all of the academic and social, emotional supports this cohort needs to pursue the postsecondary pathway that best meets their needs and will help them realize the promise of having a competitive postsecondary degree or credential.”

The tool aims to assist high school students across the state to address questions about college and career readiness entering a new school year. Students had the opportunity to engage with college students to learn about their experiences preparing and getting ready for college this week as well, through a forum hosted by the Education Trust-New York.