ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A Rochester staple is gearing up for a big summer season this year. Seabreeze is getting ready for its 144th season, officially kicking off Thursday, June 23. It’s a first for full operations after having shut down completely in 2020.

“It was definitely more challenging than it’s been in previous years, however, we’re sitting pretty good right now,” said Genevieve Norris-Brown, the general manager of Seabreeze. “We’ve got a lot of returning staff, which is really beneficial to us, because we have our core that came back from last year and previous seasons.”

Whether you like games, rides, or the water slide, the park is designed for families of all ages, even a Kiddie City for the little ones. Plus, there are some more unique aspects, too.

“You can bring your own picnic into the park as long as there’s no glass or alcohol or knives you can bring anything into the park; you can have a picnic here or you can buy our food,” Norris-Brown said. “It’s just a special experience because not a lot of parks let you bring in outside food. But we just want to make the families happy, and people appreciate that.”

That special factor is clear behind-the-scenes, as well. Norris-Brown represents the 6th generation in her family to captain the ship. “It’s been great, because I’ve been here since I was a kid. So, I’ve really seen the park transform from what it was to what it is now, and it’s such a beautiful institution, and we’re just caretakers,” she said. “We don’t claim-to-fame anything. We’re just here, and we want to make sure that this Rochester gem stays in business and does well in the future.”

That rich history is all detailed in a timeline on the park’s carousel.