ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Rochester Police Department announced 26 people are facing multiple gun and drug possession offenses following a large-scale distribution investigation in Rochester Thursday.

During the operation, 28 search warrants were served to eventually confiscate a total of 34 guns, 26 of which were illegal, six kilos of cocaine and fentanyl and around $150,000 in cash.

According to state police, of the 26 people arrested five remain in custody while 21 were released on bail.

The Rochester Police Department worked with several agencies across the state to uncover what began as a minor investigation into the level that it currently is.

“This began over a year ago,” Captain John Koonmen said. “Realizing the magnitude of this investigation was, we used probable cause in 28 different locations across Rochester. On the 29th of September, we executed search warrants on the balk of the warrants available — that’s a lot. In my six and a half years that I have been seeing special operations, this is the most we have been able to accomplish.”

Koonmen emphasized the result of what he called an “ongoing investigation” is a victory for Rochester.

“Six plus kilos of dangerous narcotics are not going to effect somebody’s life by the way of an overdose, and we know for sure these 34 guns will not be used to further our violence problem in Rochester,” Koonmen said. “It’s an amazing job, I’m pleased to continue on with this active investigation. We want people of Rochester to know that we listen and care about violence in the City.”

Officials did not provide further details during the press conference Thursday. The Rochester Police Department are set to release additional information such as identity of those charged at a future point.

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