ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — AeroSafe Global is using its cold chain solutions to safely deliver millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. CEO Jay McHarg discussed the company’s mission and critical role during the pandemic.

“We make very high-tech thermal packaging and combine that with software, digital, logistic services wrapped around it to allow pharmaceutical companies to ship temperature-sensitive products around the world. Any temperature. Any duration,” McHarg explained. “We’ve grown now supporting about 85 countries through 15 partner service sites around the globe and we’re fortunate to be in a position to help with the pandemic.”

“We’ve been providing cold chain solutions for over 15 years now,” McHarg says. He knows the challenges and pressure that goes with delivering the temperature-sensitive COVID vaccines. “You don’t have a second shot at getting that dose to the right location. Transporting the vaccines at -20 or -70 is really not that difficult for us, but it is something very new to the world and even to the industry when it comes to pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. They’re not used to dealing with this temperature and having to store and administer at that temperature, but also transporting it for the last mile. I would say that’s the biggest challenge that most of our customers have had. Not anymore. We’ve helped them through it. But for these pharmacies to take the vaccine on the road to the long term care facilities and patients at home was initially a hurdle, one that I think was underestimated.”

Rochester has been the perfect community for AeroSafe Global to grow and meet the current challenge of the pandemic. “It’s been a fantastic fit,” said McHarg. “Not only is it a great place to live and raise a family—it attracts a lot of people for that reason—but also it’s a fantastic place to work. You don’t have to worry about anything, but just work. And you think of the history of this city with the big companies, the tech companies that have made a global impact in all kinds of arenas, it’s just in the water. The people are built for it. During this pandemic, so many people have stepped up, not just our current employees but new employees coming in. People volunteering on weekends and nights. It’s a challenge. It’s a challenge that involves precision, speed, technology, and really just wherewithal, a drive, and a commitment. I can’t say enough about the people in Rochester. It’s been a perfect fit. And our vendors too. I have to shout out to them. They stepped up at the same time and almost all of our products are made with our vendors here in town and they saw an opportunity to also make a difference and I can’t thank them enough as well.”

McHarg said AeroSafe Global is hiring new employees across the spectrum to keep up with current demand. To learn more about the company and career opportunities visit