NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Flags are at half-staff around the state to honor NYPD officers who were killed in a shooting last Friday night. Officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora died in the line of duty after responding to a call of a domestic situation at an apartment in Harlem. A funeral service was held on for Officer Rivera at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Some members of the Albany Police Department drove down to the city to pay their respects. Colonie Police and Troy Police were there, too. “Last Friday, when we heard the news that two New York City police officers were shot during what some would classify a routine call for service, we all felt it,” said Albany Public Information Officer Steve Smith.

“Today we salute police officer Jason Rivera, for the last time,” says New York City Mayor Eric Adams. The streets of Manhattan were covered in blue. Thousands of people were present including Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul, Lieutenant Governor Benjamin.

“I’ve been to several funerals now, and it’s not like something that gets easier when you go down there to see the families, you see their coworkers, their colleagues, it’s not something you never want to experience. Thankfully, knock on wood, it has been several years since we have experienced that in Albany,” said Albany Patrolman Gregory McGee. “Obviously, it has been a very hard year so far hard for officers, just yesterday we had numerous Houston officers shot in the line of duty, so it is very clear that no matter what uniform you wear we’re just trying to do our job and go home safe to our families in this case two officers paid the ultimate sacrifice,” he added.