ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Due to the culture in her homeland, Suneeta Taj Khan Muhammad’s four children stayed behind when she fled Afghanistan several years ago. After years of fighting to see them again, they finally reunited last August when the kids flew into Albany International Airport.

Now, with four mouths to feed and her husband presumed captured by the Taliban and dead, Suneeta can’t seem to make ends meet. “We had a good house and life and everything we needed over there,” she said through a translator. “Here, we can’t afford the things including housing, clothing, or food.”

The situation is complicated by Suneeta’s health. She’s had two surgeries in just the past eight months and her doctor said it isn’t safe for her to work right now. She’s also expecting twins in a few weeks.

“My mom needs help,” said Suneeta’s oldest child, Behesta. “My mom [doesn’t] have money and my mom, she’s responsible [for] us.”

“The resettlement agencies were absolutely fantastic in helping to get Suneeta set up and getting the kids resettled,” said Alex Plitsas, COO of the non-profit Human First Coalition. “That support ends after a certain period.” 

Plitsas, who is a military veteran, used his connections to help rescue Suneeta’s children out of their war-torn homeland. Now, he’s leading a Go Fund Me campaign to see it through. “It’ll be mission accomplished when the home situation is stabilized, Suneeta’s able to provide for them, the health issues are addressed,” he said.

They’re hoping the community in their new home will help them reach their American dream. “It would be great to help another human stand up on their feet and to provide,” said Suneeta.