ALBANY, N.Y. (WWTI) — New legislation has been signed to help prevent large scale illegal waste dumping in New York.

On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation to help place further restrictions on waste dumping. According to the Office of the Governor, legislation S6758-B/A10803a strengthens penalties against the illegal disposal of construction debris, demolition debris, and other hazardous substances.

Additionally, it will also designate fraudulent schemes involving the disposal of solid waste as a new crime in New York.

Cuomo commented on the new legislation: “Illegal dumping is a significant problem and too often its costs are unjustly passed on to the community,” he said. “Not only does this legislation strengthen criminal penalties to ensure sanctions do not simply become another cost of doing business, but it further discourages large-scale illegal dumping by holding developers and waste haulers accountable for creating the problem in the first place.”

Cuomo’s office stated that the legislation officially goes into effect on January 1.