LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new Siena poll released on Monday gave new insight into Governor Hochul’s favorability rating, as well as President Joe Biden’s. The poll also showed crime and cost of living remain the top two priorities for Albany, and two-thirds of New Yorkers say Rep. George Santos should resign from Congress.

The poll shows Governor Hochuls’s favorability and job approval ratings have dipped this month, with a 46% favorability rating, down from 48% last month. Hochul’s job approval ratings stand at 56%, from 56%. However, President Biden’s favorability ratings went up to 54% from 49% last month, his best since October 2021. His job approval rating also hit a new high at 55%, up from 51% in January, according to the poll.

According to the poll, crime should be Albany’s top priority, say 36% of voters, followed by the cost of living at 27%, with affordable housing at 13%, and public health, environment, and racial justice in the single digits. 92% of New Yorkers say crime persists as a serious problem across the state, and two-thirds say it continues to be a serious problem in their community.

Rep. Santos received a negative 17-64% favorability rating, down further from 16%-56% in January, according to the Siena poll. 66% of voters statewide say he should resign from congress, which is up from 59% in January.