NEW YORK (WXXA) — A coalition of activists is demanding that legislators pass a law letting sexual abuse survivors sue their abusers even after the statute of limitations ends.

Harvey Weinstein accuser Ambra Battilana-Gutierrez appeared alongside Evelyn Yang, wife of former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, at a rally on Friday.

“I, and countless other women, need the Adult Survivors Act which creates a lookback window to correct a system which favors rich, powerful men over the women they abuse. We deserve a chance.”

Ambra Battilana-Gutierrez

Known as the Adult Survivors Act, the legislation allows New Yorkers a grace period to pursue an abuser in civil court. The measure extends the deadline beyond the cut-off for the state to pursue a criminal case.

“It shouldn’t take your husband running for president to be heard. Too many survivors have to fight for dignity, too many are too easily dismissed, and too many of them are disadvantaged women.”

Evelyn Yang

Battilana-Gutierrez and Yang—who recently alleged sexual assault at the hands of gynecologist Robert Hadden during her pregnancy—joined other victims of abuse at the rally in New York City to call on lawmakers to pass the measure.