ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Prices across propane, heating oil, and gas heating are all trending upward in New York. As winter slowly comes into view, there are some measures regional residents can take to save while staying warm.

According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, prices are the highest they have been in close to 13 years. The cost of gas has increased by 42%, energy by 25%, propane by 22%, and heating oil by 35%. While a portion of the problem comes down to nationwide supply chain issues, there is more to it.

Eric Knaak, President of Issac Heating and Air, urges owners to look at the details. “Look at the insulation in your home,” Knaak said. “We do home energy audits where we come out and we measure where you’re losing the heat in your home. Instead of reducing the heat to make up what’s being lost, you should try to keep more of it inside the home.”

According to Knaak, another culprit for the increase in prices is a low supply of natural gas, for example, in Monroe County. “Natural gas supplies that are built up over the summer to get us through the winter were used to power plants to generate electricity for the air conditioning units,” Knaak said. “So that has put us a little below where we should be on our natural gas reserves. Supply and demand is bringing the price up right now.”

Natural gas is 90% more expensive than it was at this point in 2020. In order to save your money and save warmth in the most efficient way, check your air filters and furnace. Another quick fix? Make sure your garage door is fully shut.