BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB/WSYR) — Gas prices in New York are still higher than the national average. The changes from last week aren’t huge, but gas prices have gone down both in New York and the country as a whole, despite expert belief that they’d rise due to holiday travel.

AAA reports that the U.S. average for a gallon of gas dropped two cents, while New York’s average went down by one. Last year at this time, the price of gas was $2.32 in New York State and $2.25 across the country. 

  • U.S. average: $3.29 ($2.25 in 2020)
  • NYS average: $3.50 ($2.32 in 2020)

Here are the averages across upstate New York:

  • Buffalo – $3.45 (down one cent from last week)
  • Ithaca – $3.50 (no change from last week)
  • Rochester – $3.50 (down one cent from last week)
  • Syracuse – $3.46 (down one cent from last week)
  • Watertown – $3.50 (down four cents from last week)

“Despite increased demand with holiday travelers, national gas prices are down two cents from last week,” AAA says. “Oil prices are now fluctuating in the $70s, and if oil prices go up, gas prices usually follow. January typically brings the cheapest prices of the year with a drop in demand amid winter weather.”

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