ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Former Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was sentenced to 180 days in jail Tuesday morning after pleading guilty to violating her probation.

The violation was in connection to her initial DWI conviction in 2016.

Astacio, a current lawyer, represented herself in the courtroom.

At the hearing, Astacio pleaded guilty to one of three pending possible probation violations.

The District Attorney requested jail time as a sentence. Astacio said she was “blindsided” by the jail time request.

Astacio then said “this is only a misdemeanor DWI” and that she has already served time, had probation for two years, and was removed from the bench.

Astacio said this whole legal saga has been very difficult “every day.” She said she can’t do her job as an attorney and she can’t function without this behind her. She said there is no benefit to keeping her in probation — and was hoping this would end with time served already.

However, the judge said Astacio has never shown any remorse, took herself off probation without a court order and then sentenced her to 180 days in jail.

At that point, Astacio was put back in cuffs and escorted by deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2018, she was removed from the bench because of conduct related to her arrest, her sentence and her time as a judge.

She was later acquitted of a felony weapons charge for trying to purchase a shot gun.

Earlier in 2019, she ran for Rochester City Council, but lost the Democratic primary in June to current Northwest District representative Jose Peo.