NATIONAL (NEWS10) — According to a study done by Forbes, New York State drivers are in the top five most polite by state. Analyzing 10 key metrics from a survey of 5,000 drivers nationwide, Forbes believes to have found where the country’s most confrontational drivers reside.

Out of the 50 states, with 50 being the least confrontational, Forbes found New York State drivers to rank 46. North Dakota drivers were found to be the least confrontational at the state level.

According to the survey, Utah tops the list as the state with the most confrontational drivers. Utah drivers were most likely to report another driver in their home state for honking at them out of frustration. More than half of survey responders (58%) in Utah claim to have been on the receiving end of a rude or offensive gesture while driving. Of those surveyed, roughly one in four Utahn drivers claim to know someone in their state who has had an injury due to a road rage incident.

The report uncovered the most common aggressive maneuvers that other drivers have done to them. They are as follows-

  • Another driver honked at them (63%)
  • Tailgated them (62%)
  • Were the target of rude gestures (45%)
  • Were cut off (43%)