LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The first major snowstorm of the season is forecasting upwards of two feet of snow in some areas of the Capital Region. But the New York State Department of Transportation is ready to keep the roads clear with snow plows, trucks, and over 50,000 tons of salt.

“We’re all hands on deck,” NYSDOT Spokesman Bryan Viggiani said. “The crews are ready. This is a long duration, heavy snowfall we’re expected to get, but our crews are up to the challenge. This is what we do.”

The DOT will be focusing on state owned roads, such as highways and main routes. While the department is still looking for more drivers, Viggiani said it won’t be an issue as crews are able to be moved to areas where more manpower is needed.

“We go wherever Mother Nature puts us, basically,” he explained. “The snow is coming down, we’re there, and our crews, it all depends on what time the snow hits.”

The DOT is recommending as many people as possible to stay home, but if you do have to go out, “Slow down, give yourself plenty of time, plenty of breaking room, and put the phones away while you’re driving.”

They also remind motorists to brush off the top of their cars so falling snow and ice does not go onto roadways or other cars and cause damage.