ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State’s Department of Health has compiled a table that tracks the coronavirus fatalities of nursing home residents.

CountyDeaths at nursing homes

The health department says its data runs from March 1 through May 10, though often the state’s aggregated and centralized numbers are on a slight, one- or two-day delay compared to what the counties report directly.

There are obvious discrepancies between state numbers and numbers reported by counties. In Rensselaer County, for example, they report 25 total deaths as of Sunday. Of those 25, 15 have been residents at the Diamond Hill adult care facility in Schaghticoke, according to county officials. The state chart—which provides a breakdown of specific nursing home facilities—tallies four total deaths at Diamond Hill. The difference is far beyond what a few days’ delay could reasonably justify.

According to the DOH, their numbers represent a comprehensive accounting of data reported by facilities. Attributing their data to reports from facilities—rather than from health officials within each county—could account for the discrepancy. The data counts deaths that occurred at nursing homes and adult care facilities, without necessarily counting deaths of residents that occurred outside of those facilities.

Take a look at the chart below: