ALBANY, N.Y. (WWTI) — New York is preparing for its upcoming spring trout fishing season. Up until 2022, April 1 was known as opening day for trout fishing season. However, due to new fishing guidelines established by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), trout fishing is now permitted year-round with catch-and-release-only from October 16 to March 31.

April 1 will now mark the start of trout harvesting season across New York State. To prepare, DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos confirmed that 1,872,105 trout will be stocked in New York waters from March through early June. This includes a mix of catchable brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

The DEC will specifically provide Stocked-Extended streams with fish every other week for two months to enhance season-long opportunities. Most streams will also receive a seeding of larger stocked trout.

The DEC has also posted “Management Category” signs on most state-regulated fishing waters. Management categories distinguish between wild trout management and stocked trout management. These signs will convey regulations associated with each category. Anglers are advised to look for the white and green signs with a trout when fishing trout streams with public fishing rights.

In 2021, the DEC launched an interactive Trout Stream Fishing Map to provide anglers with accessible information on stocking, fishing access, season dates, and regulations. Through this tool, anglers can also view trout stream reaches that are color-coded by management category.