SUMMIT, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is reminding residents that it is illegal to kill geese outside of Canada goose hunting season or without a permit. In 2021, the hunting season was during the month of September.

Geese are federally protected migratory game birds and cannot be shot when considered a nuisance without a permit from the DEC. Canada goose hunting season is to help control the geese population in the state, said the DEC. Residents need a hunting license and register for the New York Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program to participate.

This reminder comes after the DEC received a report of shots fired at geese on a pond in Summit, Schoharie County, on May 5. The complainant stated she watched a man pull up to the pond, get out of his vehicle, shoot once at a goose, and then a second time at the rest of the geese in the pond.

An Environmental Conservation Officer found the suspected shooter, who said the geese were coming after him while he worked on his property. The officer reminded the man of the goose laws and issued him two tickets for taking waterfowl outside of open season and taking migratory game birds contrary to DEC regulation. Due to its injuries, one goose was killed and removed from the pond.

An officer holding the dead goose that was removed from the pond (DEC)

The DEC said geese are often a nuisance when it comes to over-grazing lawns, leaving droppings, and being aggressive towards humans. Although you can’t necessarily kill them, no federal or state permits are needed to scare, herd, or chase away geese by any means.

If you are a farmer, manager of an airport or military airfield, manager of a beach, or work in an area where geese are a general nuisance, such as parks, golf courses, residential or commercial properties, you need a state or federal permit to kill geese. The DEC said it generally does not allow relocation of geese with or without a permit.