ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, has officially called on Attorney General Letitia James to investigate Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple. Glavin said Apple unlawfully disclosed information to the New York Post.

I represent former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and write to request that, pursuant to N.Y. Exec. L. § 75, an investigation be immediately commenced into the unlawful disclosure to the New York Post of grand jury information relating to Governor Cuomo and the strong evidence that Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple was the source of that unlawful disclosure.

Rita Glavin

In the formal request, Glavin asks James to appoint an independent prosecutor due to her conflict of interest. This includes her relationship with Apple, her announcement that she’s running for governor after the Sheriff’s Office filed the criminal complaint against Cuomo and the AG’s report on the allegations of sexual harassment by Cuomo.

Glavin cited N.Y. Penal Law § 215.70, which prohibits unlawful grand jury disclosure by public officers, including police officers.

New York Law is unequivocal that “[g]rand jury proceedings are secret” and any “matter attending a grand jury proceeding” shall generally not be disclosed, including “all papers and proceedings relating to [a] subpoena,” which “shall be kept secret and not disclosed to the public by any public officer,” or any other individual specified in N.Y. Penal Law § 215.70.

Rita Glavin

Glavin references a New York Post article from August 30 which states that law enforcement officials have issued subpoenas related to the complainant’s allegations. The author attributes that information to Apple. Glavin said the only subpoenas they could be talking about are grand jury subpoenas.

Two days later, an article was published by the New York Post that said subpoenas had been issued in connection with the District Attorney Office’s investigation. Again, Glavin said the article must have been referencing grand jury subpoenas. The source was not given in the article, but Glavin said it must have been Apple.

You can read Glavin’s full request for a criminal investigation into Apple below: