NEW YORK (WETM) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is once again dispelling the rumors that he’s interested in being President-Elect Joe Biden’s Attorney General. Cuomo, who previously rejected the idea after an Axios report last month, publically rejected interest on the Howard Stern Show on Monday night.

“Should I call you, as the rumors are saying, Mr. Attorney General of the United States?” asked Stern. “Is there any truth that Joe Biden has already spoken to you—and I know you are a truthful man—that you are about to become the Attorney General in the Biden administration?”

“Zero, nada, niente, zilch. What else do you need me to say?”

Cuomo served as Attorney General in New York from 2007 to 2010 and was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton. Under President Donald Trump, these positions are currently held by William Barr and Ben Carson, respectively.

“Sometimes, you decide the best way to help the team is for you to play center field. ‘Well, I really wanted to play first base.’ I know, but you’re better at center field for the team,” Cuomo said.

“I was in the middle of COVID when all this political conversation started, and I was desperate for a relationship and credibility with the people of my state, and the people across the country. And I know what they were thinking. They were thinking, ‘Oh, here is another politician. These politicians always have their own agenda. They’re always wanting to take the next step on the ladder.’ I needed to defuse that, and the way to defuse that, I said, ‘I am not interested in running for president, vice president. I’m not going to go to Washington, I have no agenda. Put your cynicism and your skepticism aside. I have no agenda besides you. I just want to do this job, so please hear what I’m saying without all that skepticism.'”

Cuomo also addressed his relationship with President Trump during the COVID-19 crisis, saying he had to “hold back.”

“I bit my tongue so many times, I have tongue scars.”

Cuomo says that he had 50 to 100 conversations with the president in-person and over the phone during the early stages of the crisis. The president’s comments regarding the governor’s handling of the pandemic and of his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, made the conversations difficult.

“I needed him to help New York. That was my job. If I wasn’t governor of New York, I would have decked him. Period,” Cuomo said. “He was attacking me, he was attacking my family, he was anti-Italian, every nasty thing.”

“My job is to help take care of the state and to love everyone in the state and support everyone in the state. And to do that seven days a week, to the best of my capacity—that’s what I do. It’s just the way I felt towards my family, the way I feel toward my kids. That’s the way I feel while governor, the way I felt during COVID.”

You can watch more of Governor Cuomo’s interview below: