TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Thursday marks the second week of new standards being required for gun owners to obtain a concealed carry permit in New York. However, confusion and unanswered questions remain.

The new standards took effect on September 1, and they include completing a training course. But Lee Bormann, of American Tactical Systems in Troy, said there still needs to be clarification. He said the problem is still understanding and providing the proper and licensed knowledge for a few of the new standards such as suicide, conflict management and use of deadly force.

“The only thing they have been able to provide, though, is these are the minimum standards that need to be in your curriculum,” he said. “Not how to actually do it, but you have to cover these topics.”

Bormann said a professional with the skill set involving psychology and more is something that may be a problem to attain.

“Get professional advice and expertise on subject matter in those areas to help them develop this course,” he explained. “As an instructor in firearms, I’m not really qualified to give suicide prevention courses.”

He said American Tactical Systems is 99.9 percent ready to submit their plans.

“We already have the curriculum done; we’re just tweaking it.”

He said he is confident it will pass. But now, it is out of his hands.

“We’ve talked to the judges, we’ve talked to the sheriffs, and it’s they’re waiting to get more direction,” he said.

Bormann said the price per class used to be $80 on average, but it could reach up to about $600 with the new standards and the requirements they contain. He also said his shop used to process about 60 permit applications a month and are now processing zero.