NEW YORK (NEWS10) — New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James has released a statement in light of hurricane Fiona raining over Puerto Rico. In her statement, James calls for increased action to support Puerto Rico in the face of the natural disaster.

“I am fully supportive of all efforts to send resources to Puerto Rico during this time of need and I join my colleagues in expressing our thoughts for the people in harm’s way,” AG James said. “But the truth is, band aids and prayers aren’t enough. We need to look at the structural problems — both natural and human made — that have allowed and perpetuated this continued vulnerability and devastation. We must take action to address issues with the power grid, the financial underpinnings of the island, and the resources available to communities during these times of crisis. Instead of only responding to the aftermath of a crisis, we must take action now to prevent future devastation and protect our communities in Puerto Rico.”