ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New York state lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow movie theaters to serve at alcohol.

While some theatres across the state do serve alcohol, they have to be classified as a restaurant. Legislation allowing all movie theaters to sell alcohol is being considered by state lawmakers.

Currently, The Little Theatre in Rochester can only serve wine and beer through the attached cafe. Public relations coordinator Scott Pukos thinks this bill could give small business another way to get more customers.

“Here at The Little, when we’re showing a movie we have to compete against so much now. There’s Netflix, a lot of reasons why people can stay home and watch a movie,” Pukos said.

“It’d be another reason that people could come here and enjoy the movie,” Pukos said.

Moviegoers like Jude Tinto usually buy snacks when at the movies. Tinto thinks serving alcohol in theaters could make the movie experience better.

“I think it would be pretty good for business. It would definitely bring more money to the theatre cause I know that people would absolutely want to purchase alcohol if it was available,” Tinto said.

“I think it could potentially enhance the movie viewing experience.”

Similar versions of the bill have failed to pass assembly before.

Some moviegoers think one reason could be the dangers that come with drinking.

“I just feel like it would be dangerous, because you know you have to drive home after,” Rochester resident Colleen Trott said.

“If you go the movie alone and you’re the only person that could get here, I suppose you could take like a Lyft or something but if you drove here yourself, it’s not a good idea.”