LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — One 6-year-old boy is making a change to help neighbors across the globe. He is using the blue and yellow colors of Ukraine’s flag to raise donations for Ukraine’s children.

Meet Matthew! He is a little boy with a big heart who has a great mission. He and his grandma, Doreen Morgan, have spent countless hours creating poster flags to show support for children in Ukraine during this very difficult time.

“We heard at church that they need food, and they need some clothing,” said Doreen. “When they said they’re taking up the collection, I said we have to make flags and then we’ll sell them to the neighbors, and all the money will go over to Ukrainian relief through our church, St. Pius.”

Matthew said children deserve to have food and clothing, and that making the flags takes time. There is a lot of love and crafting—and several trips to the dollar store—baked into the process. Having made over 40 poster flags so far, Matthew is learning so much during it all. He can spell Ukraine without skipping a beat.

Over the last week, the two have been knocking on doors asking neighbors if they’d like to donate a dollar to help children in Ukraine. Neighbors are head over heels for what Matthew is doing and many pulled out bigger bills to help! If you drive down their street, you can see Matthew’s handmade flags taped up in windows.

“It’s pretty emotional, we have some Ukrainian families in the neighborhood, with grandparents and parents that I did not know so we met a lot of people that we didn’t realize their background…so it’s really special, we’re feeling pretty good about this huh? Yeah.”

Matthew wants to continue making more Ukrainian flags. He wants the whole town to join him on his mission!