ALBANY, N.Y (NEWS10) – The New York State Cannabis Control Board approved 58 Adult-use Cannabis Conditional Licenses. There are now 146 approved licenses from a pool of more than 200 applications since the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) started accepting applications on May 15.

The Seeding Opportunity Initiative, positions individuals with prior cannabis-related criminal offenses to make the first adult-use cannabis sales with products grown by New York farmers. The Initiative includes the granting of Conditional Cultivator Licenses, created by legislation signed by the Governor in February, to qualifying New York-based farms that have previously grown cannabinoid hemp in New York State.

The OCM will continue to review applications and will work to get them to the Board for approval as quickly as possible to ensure farmers can capitalize on the growing season. The deadline to submit applications is June 30, 2022.

By prioritizing small farmers, small business owners, and those harmed most during the disproportionate enforcement of cannabis prohibition, Cannabis Control Board Chair Tremaine Wright believes the industry will launch on the right foot. With an increasing number of cannabis farmers becoming operational, the Cannabis Control Board aims to make sure every community in New York benefits from the industry.

58 newly approved businesses:

  • 508 Land LLC
  • Adirondack Hemp LLC
  • Misty Bleu Farm, LLC
  • Miss Perry Farms LLC
  • Walter J Samselski JR
  • Grow Source LLC
  • Andrew J Pirozzolo
  • Torrwood Farm LLC
  • 4 Erratic Farm LLC
  • Karker Hess and Davis LLC
  • Stop 28 Farm and Nursery Inc.
  • Hop-n-Hemp Tea Inc.
  • Old Mud Creek Farm LLC
  • Bridgehampton Loam, LLC
  • Bunker’s Hemp LLC
  • Jack Bear Farm LLC
  • Tap Root Family LLC
  • Mary L Strassheim
  • PC Development Corporation
  • Hydro Grow NY Inc
  • Graceful Roses LLC
  • Windsor Cider LLC
  • Tumbleweed Farms, LLC
  • Gardenworks Farm LLC
  • Unhinged Hemp Farm
  • Windy Hills Farms LLC
  • NG GrowersInc.
  • LaDolce Vita Farm Inc.
  • Homestead Farms & Ranch, LLC
  • Donald Spoth farm
  • Joseph H Sega
  • Ithaca Organics, LLC
  • JRS Naturals